Medline Industries and Real Time Medical Systems announced a partnership in October geared to reducing hospital readmissions.

The Real Time™ platform helps facilities use data to improve outcomes, said Scott Rifkin, M.D., company co-founder.

Rifkin said customers saw an improvement of billing accuracy yielding an increase of up to $15 per day for their Medicare patients with his system.

Features of Real Time Clinical include eliminating duplicate data entry in existing EMR data, identifying clinical issues, and reporting intervention recommendations related to a facility’s policies. Real Time Financial offers a central preconfigured dashboard, and financial analysis of existing EMR Data.

Medline said that, as a medical supply chain partner, the Real Time products will help its customers work through big financial and clinical problems as they “do more with less,” according to Dave Jacobs, executive vice president of Medline’s post-acute care division.

The companies noted that Medicare is withholding more than $500 million in fiscal year 2017 payments due to a readmissions reduction program. 

To see a video on the Real Time system, click here.