The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services posted links Tuesday to new MDS 3.0 data specifications that will take effect Oct. 1. That’s when the Patient-Driven Payment Model goes into effect, the biggest overhaul of the nursing home reimbursement system in a generation.

The MDS becomes more influential than ever for provider reimbursements under the new system. Officials noted the “many significant changes, including the removal of eight item sets” and the addition of two new item sets included in the new specifications, as well tweaks to various sections.

Providers expected many of the data specification changes and now are more eagerly awaiting the release of the new RAI Manual so that training for the new system can begin in earnest.

A new version of the MDS 3.0 CAT Specifications, which also starts on Oct. 1, was additionally posted Tuesday.
The CMS website announcement on the changes can be found here. The MDS data specifications reside at this link.