The Green House Project and Pioneer Network are entering into a formal alliance in a push to bring system change towards long-term care reform. 

“In the wake of the COVID-19 disaster in nursing homes and other eldercare settings, reform-minded organizations must band together to amplify their voices and cut through the ineffective rhetoric that has held back true change for decades,” said Susan Ryan, senior director of the Green House Project. “A Green House-Pioneer alliance is a vital step toward real systemic transformation.”

The alliance comes after a national report found that the way the United States finances, delivers and regulates nursing home care is ineffective and unstable. The study called for immediate action to bring meaningful changes to the system, and one of those actions included adopting less institutional settings like Green House homes.

The groups said once the combination is finalized the joint entity will serve as a “full-continuum consulting, advisory, and education partner for eldercare organizations looking to spark cultural, organizational and physical change.”

A Green House spokesman added the new alliance will allow the combined organization to offer a deeper and broader set of tools to providers, while also streamlining our parallel sets of services.

“For instance, GHP and Pioneer have separately provided cultural transformation services at traditional institutional nursing homes. By coming together, we can create a consolidated source of knowledge and best practices based on experience gained through both organizations’ years of work on the ground,” the spokesman said. 

The duo also hopes the partnership will allow them to bring person-directed care principles to more elders currently living in nursing homes, while also laying the cultural transformation groundwork for future generations of people who will need long-term care services and supports.

“Additionally, from an advocacy standpoint, we believe the time is right to combine our voices into a single — and hopefully louder — call for systemic change,” the spokesman said. “Lawmakers across the country have the ability to transform the sector through both new investments and increased transparency and accountability. Together, we believe our message of change and transformation has more power than it did separately.”