New 'electronic brief' could help caregivers manage incontinence, report suggests

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A newly developed “electronic brief” has been designed to improve the quality of incontinence care in skilled nursing facilities, according to a report from the Australian Associated Press.

The technology was developed by medical device company Simavita. By placing an electronic sensor on a resident's incontinence pad, caregivers can more efficiently determine when the pad needs to be changed and what a resident's discharge patterns are, Simavita Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director Philippa Lewis told the AAP.

The specialized brief is especially useful within the first 72 hours that a resident is in a facility, said Lewis. In this assessment period, the device can generate a “live bladder chart” that provides information about what triggers urinary discharge — such as positional changes — and the timing and frequency of discharge. Staff can use this information to establish a care plan that makes efficient use of their time while increasing resident privacy and dignity.

Simavita is positioning itself to be a bigger presence in the North American market for long-term care products, having recently raised $14 million for a marketing effort, the AAP reported.