Mother, son arrested for running makeshift nursing home

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A mother and son have been arrested for allegedly operating an unlicensed nursing home out of their central Indiana duplex.

Authorities say the duo lived on one side of the duplex, and housed seven elderly residents on the other side, despite not having a medical license or any certifications for the home. Residents were locked in their beds with metal dog gates, and frequently locked in their rooms alone for hours without a call button, intercom or any way to call for help in case of an emergency, court documents say.

The facility only accepted private payment, which took away some of the oversight associated with Medicare or Medicaid, authorities said. The facility also had no records of medications given to the residents.

The site was able to avoid inspections for years due to a loophole in Indiana state law that passes over inspections for facilities that are considered private residences, Jerry Kiefer, an investigator for the Indiana Adult Protective Services unit, told the Indianapolis Star. Colorado recently came under fire for a similar loophole that leaves many small facilities unregulated.

The pair were charged with neglect and criminal recklessness, and are expected to appear in court Tuesday.