More using HCBS transfers

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Medicaid beneficiaries are definitely taking notice — and making use — of federal funding intended to help move individuals from nursing homes to community residences. That's according to a new analysis from the Kaiser Family Foundation's Commission on Medicaid and the Uninsured.

“Although it took most MFP [Money Follows the Person] states several years to become operational, 2011 marked a turning point for MFP,” Kaiser report authors wrote. “Thirteen new states took advantage of extended funding to begin MFP demonstrations, making a total of 44 states that have received MFP funds to date.”

Since starting five years ago, the “Money Follows the Person” demonstration program has successfully transferred nearly 17,000 residents back to home- or community-based settings.

Nearly 6,000 more were in progress, as of August.

Forty-three states are using the federal funding under the program, which was expanded under the Affordable Care Act. Almost half of the transitions took place in Ohio, Texas and Washington.

“As more Medicaid beneficiaries are identified to transition to the community, and as the population continues to age, more attention to workforce and housing options will be important to help facilitate successful community placements,” the Kaiser report authors wrote.