More deep cuts to nursing home, healthcare budget in NY

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Nursing homes and other healthcare facilities in New York will soon see their reimbursement rates slashed by roughly $775 million thanks to new stopgap budget cuts recently approved in that state Legislature.

Nursing homes and hospitals will lose $182 million under the new FY 2010-2011 stopgap budget bills, reports the Bureau of National Affairs. Managed care plans will lose $61 million, and the state will reduce prescription drug costs by $12 million. The two budget measures, approved Monday, represent the latest in a series of stopgap measures enacted since New York State's fiscal year began April 1.

The cuts were met with strong condemnation from the Health Care Association of New York. Nursing homes and hospitals have been “misused and abused” by politicians looking to solve state financial crises, according to association president Daniel Sisto.