Montana resident becomes oldest man in the world

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Walter Breuning, a resident of Montana, is now believed to be the oldest man in the world. He earned that distinction after 113-year-old Henry Allingham of England died on Saturday.

Breuning was born September 21, 1896 in Minnesota. He has lived for the last 30 years at the Rainbow Retirement and Assisted Living Center in Great Falls, Montana. At 112 years old—nearly 113—Breuning is also one of the 20 oldest men of all time. Breuning was interviewed on The News Hour with Jim Lehrer in February of this year. He was asked his opinion on the economy and the challenges facing then newly-elected President Barack Obama.

Right now, the U.S. is also home to the world's oldest woman, Gertrude Baines, 115, of California. The U.S. was last home to the oldest man and woman from November 15 through December 30 of 1999.  Sarah Knauss, 119, and John Painter, 112, were then considered the oldest people in the world.