Medicaid payments top 'stimulus' gains

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Bruce Yarwood, AHCA CEO
Bruce Yarwood, AHCA CEO
The president signed a landmark $787 billion stimulus package last month that will funnel billions of  dollars to state Medicaid programs. Long-term care leaders lauded the developments.

“We commend and thank the conferees for approving $87 billion in increased Medicaid funding, which is a cornerstone in terms of protecting seniors' ongoing care needs as our states cope with the severe economic downturn,” said Bruce Yarwood, president and CEO of the American Health Care Association, in a statement.

The package also includes a moratorium that delays six Medicaid rules unfavorable to providers until the end of June. It also requires prompt Medicaid payments—90 days—to nursing homes. Yet another provision temporarily holds off a requirement that government entities withhold 3% of certain payments made to tax-paying entities for services and property.