McKesson unveils pay coordinating hub

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McKesson Health Solutions unveiled the McKesson Intelligence Hub™ in September as a platform for enabling interoperability and sharing business intelligence through healthcare applications.

In development for the past several years, the Intelligence Hub is designed to connect MHS's portfolio of automated reimbursement solutions and help streamline payment in healthcare, the company said.

McKesson Health Solutions wanted to change how to build and deploy products and help customers with an end-to-end solution, said senior vice president Mike Wood, who is also the CIO and CTO for the company.

“Interoperability is about more than just moving data from one application to another,” Wood said. “It's about how applications cooperate and work together to solve problems as composite solutions.” He described the solution as “a paradigm shift in the development and business culture of our organization.”

The platform should make it easier for customers' systems and third-party solutions to work together. It uses open industry communication standards that include HL7 FHIR, which are registered marks of Health Level Seven International Inc. 

Many McKesson products are already connected through Intelligence Hub, the company noted.

Intelligence Hub provides API management, identity and access management, and application service orchestration within a PaaS (Platform as a Service) engineered around an Enterprise Service Bus, the company said.

Users should have to do little to no custom coding, and can receive real-time analytics.

Customers are “developing and implementing their own interoperability strategies and the Intelligence Hug will help us solve problems together faster and more easily,”  said Rod O'Reilly, president of McKesson Health Solutions. 

It is about making “interoperability virtually effortless across our portfolio and our customers' portfolios, so we can break down silos,” he added.