Parts of McKesson Corporation and Change Healthcare Holdings have merged to create a new healthcare information technology company called Change Healthcare. It includes all of Change Healthcare’s business and the majority of McKesson Technology Solutions. It will employ about 15,000 workers.

“Over the last several years, our industry has experienced a continued shift toward value-based care, requiring an increasingly consumer-centered approach to healthcare,” said Neil de Crescenzo, the Chief Executive Officer at Change Healthcare. “Change Healthcare will be distinctly positioned to leverage its data, analytics and forward-thinking insights to bring new innovative solutions to payers, providers and consumers as they strive to achieve the best healthcare outcomes as efficiently as possible in this new environment.”

The company unveiled InterQual 2017 in April, reflecting updates in the clinical decision support tool.

The update features Medicare Procedures powered by InterQual® and more efficient criteria, review and other features that help boost decision-making, executives said. 

“InterQual 2017 identifies the essence of what is needed to foster faster, safer and better clinical decisions,” said Jackie Mitus, M.D., general manager and SVP, Decision Management, of Change Healthcare. “This year we’re bringing more clinical intelligence, more automation, and more know-how to the forefront, all so the clinician can devote more time to direct patient care. ”

New features to InterQual Acute Adult is the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ geometric mean length of stay data that provide a target length-of-stay for Medicare beneficiaries. New care planning criteria include the addition of new drugs, bringing the total to 156.

Updated InterQual Coordinated Care Content also includes a new Opioid Risk Assessment screening tool. Content also was added for helping patients with conditions such as sleep apnea or dyslipidemia.