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A former resident of an Oregon nursing home is suing the facility for $9 million, claiming the facility’s negligence of his catheter issues eventually led to his penis amputation.

The 60-year-old man arrived at Oregon City Health Care Center in late 2013 to recover from a kidney infection, but soon developed pain and bleeding around his catheter, according to the lawsuit. The nursing home’s staff allegedly failed to address his complaints until he ultimately discharged himself from the facility, 25 days after admission.

After leaving the facility the man sought medical treatment at a hospital Portland, OR, where doctors diagnosed him with gangrene and sepsis so severe that his penis had to be surgically removed. The man’s lawsuit alleges the facility’s “gross negligence” of his catheter issues led to the amputation.

Oregon City Health Care Center’s parent company, Prestige Care, said in a statement it is reviewing the case.

“We’ve built our organization on delivering the highest level of care for all our patients, so in the rare instance we fall short, we take the issue very seriously,” the statement reads. “Everyone within our family-run organization is deeply sorry for what this patient went through, and we hope he and his family can move forward from these terrible circumstances.”

The man is seeking $2 million for lost wages and medical bills and $6 million for pain and suffering, while his wife is seeking additional $1 million for “affection, society, assistance and companionship of her husband,” The Oregonian reports.