This story has been updated to include comments from Northern Arizona Orthopaedics.

A provider accused of refusing to hire men and retaliating against an applicant will pay $165,000 to settle a federal gender-discrimination lawsuit. 

Northern Arizona Orthopaedics entered into a four-year consent decree to settle the lawsuit brought by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

“Without admitting wrongdoing, NAO feels this settlement allows us to demonstrate our commitment to a discrimination-free workplace, and permits us to most expeditiously get back to caring for our treasured patients,” Timothy Bonatus, DO, surgeon and president of Northern Arizona Orthopaedics, told McKnight’s

The agreement prohibits the company from discriminating against employees on the basis of gender or retaliating against them. In addition to paying $165,000 to three male applicants the company must also write them a letter of apology. It’s also required to review and revise its EEO and hiring policies and train all employees on Title VII and other anti-discrimination laws. 

In September, the EEOC sued Northern Arizona Orthopaedics for allegedly hiring women over men who were more qualified for at least two positions. 

The lawsuit accused the provider of retaliating against one male applicant who complained about the alleged discrimination. It also alleged the company told the man not to apply for any other positions with it.