To strengthen providers’ argument that the GOP’s proposed Medicare changes would endanger employees’ livelihoods, the Alliance for Quality Nursing Home Care has released a report showing the industry’s strength as a job creator.

The report highlighted economic and job output in skilled nursing facilities in the United States’ most populous metropolitan areas. And according to the AQNHC, the nursing home sector is the second biggest healthcare facility employer after hospitals. Alliance President Alan G. Rosenbloom notes that 70% of nursing home expenditures are staffing related.

“As the year progresses, we will continue to raise awareness of the fact America’s nursing facilities are a vital pillar to local jobs and economic strength, that Medicare funding is critical to maintaining facilities’ economic stability, and that increasing numbers of patients are returning home after successful rehabilitation,” Rosenbloom said.

Additionally, the Alliance launched three state-centric websites listing economic details and job statistics. Sites are available for Florida, Pennsylvania and Ohio.