Nursing homes and assisted living facilities are once again exempt from paying movie-licensing fees, thanks to an agreement with the Motion Picture Licensing Corporation.

While nursing homes and assisted living facilities are free from paying video licensing fees, the agreement states communities with independent living units must acquire a license based on the number of individual apartments in the community. Additionally, any senior community that has a closed circuit television system (such as an in-house channel) playing videos also needs a license. The American Health Care Association/National Center for Assisted Living and LeadingAge brokered the agreement, which also includes a 10% discount on MPLC rates for some facilities with continuing care.

The issue of nursing homes paying licensing fees is not new. In the 1990s, Congress worked with the LTC industry to set guidelines for exempting facilities from paying movie licensing fees. But that agreement ended in 2000. Few instances were pursued by the licensing agency due to an established “pattern of practice” with the profession, according to a statement from providers. Some operators remained confused, however, and providers said when the issue came up again in recent years, they sought clarity.

“Movies don’t just provide residents with entertainment. They offer opportunities for interaction, engagement and a higher quality of life,” noted Larry Minnix, LeadingAge CEO.