Physical therapists working in long-term care facilities received a 2.39% boost in pay this year, up to $43.87 per hour.

That lags behind the 2.5% pay bump that hospital PTs earned, the Hospital & Healthcare Compensation Serviced reported in new data released last week. Home health PTs, are now earning, on average, $45.52 per hour.

Bonuses ranged from 1.09% for long-term care physical therapists to 1.68% for home health PTs.

Providers should “ be creative in offering incentives for your rehab employees to stay with you beyond the typical raises,” said Rosanne Zabka, director of reports for H&HCS. Options include offering perks such as extra days off, one-time bonuses and increased dollars for continuing education.

The report also breaks down PT salaries by region. Limo, OH, reported the lowest wages in long-term care settings at $35.97 an hour, while the New York City area tallied the highest, at $43.82.Nearly 3,500 facilities participated in the salary survey, including 2,250 long-term care providers. The report covers 19 different therapy positions, and is available from HCS for $300 at