Legionnaire's outbreak spreads beyond Toronto nursing home

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Canadian health officials now say that a deadly outbreak of Legionnaire's diseases that claimed the lives of 17 nursing home residents apparently was not confined to the facility or its residents and employees.

Two more cases of Legionnaire's have been confirmed, this time in people who live or work near the Seven Oaks nursing home but were never in it. One victim was being tended to in the hospital while the other was recovering at home. A public health official said the victims became sick two weeks ago and were identified "retrospectively."
The official surmised that the victims must have had a "common exposure to the source of the bacteria," which could have included walking past Seven Oaks' ventilation system. Health officials are conducting an investigation of the environment around Seven Oaks to identify the source. Legionnaire's is caused by the spread of bacteria, typically in air or water but not by person-to-person contact.