SCA has added its Tena Bathing Glove as an option for U.S. long-term care facilities. As an alternative to soap and water, it is the first pre-moistened, disposable bath glove for professional caregivers, the company said.

It provides an alternative for residents who dislike bathing, or who are immobile, but keeps up standards of resident hygiene and infection control. The glove was first launched in Europe and tested in two skilled nursing facilities in the U.S. and Canada.

It has a non-rinse, pH neutral cleansing formula with gentle ingredients. The material is similar to a washcloth, but with less irritation on skin. 

The product’s popularity “skyrocketed in the Netherlands,” said Michael Feenan, Vice President for SCA’s Incontinence Care business in North America. Part of SCA’s global approach is shaped by the fact that executives have viewed the glove’s success in Europe since 2012 and decided to bring it to the U.S., he told McKnight’s

“It’s a great solution for all of those who need an in-bed bathing experience,” he said.

Using the glove allows long-term care professionals to save time, as there is no need to prepare and cleanup a basin or washtub. It’s also less physically demanding for both caregivers and residents.

“If someone can get to a shower, that’s how they are going to bathe. But if they have had surgery or a disability, this gives them the opportunity to have a shower,” Feenan said. “We’ve been getting very strong responses from a couple of different folks for those who are bedridden, have dementia or are in hospice. We’re focused on the care of being in that setting.”

Using the glove “can absoultely improve” the slip-and-fall risk and incidents for residents who are attempting to use a shower or bath. It also reduces the cross-contamination that can come from sitting water, reusable wash basins and other traditional approaches, Feenan said.

Each pack contains five pieces, which is meant to be one bathing experience. A case contains 45 packs. It is available as a scent-free option.