Joint Commission releases new pain management brochure

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The Joint Commission, a nonprofit healthcare certification and accreditation organization, has released a new brochure to help patients better discuss issues of pain management with their caregivers.

Part of the commission's SPEAK UP campaign, the new brochure contains a list of questions patients can ask their caregivers about pain and pain management, as well as other information patients can use to help them independently manage their pain. Among the information provided are answers to questions such as, "What can be done to relieve pain?" and "What do you need to tell your doctor and nurse about you pain?" The brochure also lets patients know what to expect when they take pain medicine and what side effects they may experience.

The SPEAK UP program began in 2002, in partnership with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, as a way to involve patients in their care and reduce the number of preventable medical errors. Brochures and information are available on a number of different healthcare related topics.

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