Job satisfaction latest nurse recruitment tool

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Nursing homes may want to turn their attention to hospitals, which are trying a new method to retain and recruit nurses. Instead of offering financial incentives, they're improving job satisfaction, according to The Washington Post.

Roughly 300 facilities have been certified as "magnets for nurses" under the American Nurses Credentialing Center's Magnet Recognition Program, according to the Post. These facilities have all introduced technology to reduce paperwork. They have also cut nurse caseloads, offered to pay for more extensive training and given nurses more autonomous control over the care they give. Both nurse and patient satisfaction is demonstrably higher at these "magnet" facilities than non-magnet counterparts, according to the Post.

Reports vary on the future of the nursing shortage. Some estimates hold that there will be 285,000 vacant nursing positions by 2025 (McKnight's, 5/5); others place the number closer to 500,000 (McKnight's, 4/1). Healthcare facilities nationwide hope the new job satisfaction approach to recruiting and retaining nurses will help address the imminent staffing crisis, writes the Post.