Indiana state senator to introduce nurse background check legislation

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State Sen. Patricia Miller (R) plans to introduce legislation mandating nurse background checks. The move is in response to Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels's (R) decision not to pursue federal matching grants for nurse background checks in nursing homes.

Under Miller's plan, healthcare employers would be required to conduct pre-employment criminal background checks. They also would have to report any information they have on nurse criminal records to state licensing officials, the Indianapolis Star newspaper reported. While the federal program only would have applied to nursing homes, Miller's plan would apply to all settings. To offset the cost of the program, one idea is for nurses to help pay for the checks through licensing fees. Details of the plan are still emerging.

Indiana currently relies on the state's 120,000 registered nurses to self-report any criminal history when applying for or renewing their licenses. Miller plans to introduce the legislation in the next session of the state's congress.