Identity theft, lack of regulation spur home health group to require employee background checks

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Amid growing concerns over safety, the Michigan Home Health Agency is developing plans to require staff qualifications, training and criminal background checks for all home-health providers in Michigan, according to local news items.

Currently, Michigan must certify home-health providers in order for them to qualify for Medicare reimbursement, but there are no regulations concerning individual employees of those agencies, the Detroit Free Press reported. Many home-health agencies perform the types of employee background checks being proposed by MHHA, but some providers may not perform checks because they simply need the help, according to the Detroit Free Press. Home-health aide employment growing is rising as the elderly population skyrockets.

While there have been a few instances of theft or abuse as a result of negligent home-care aides, there has been a marked increase in identity theft in Michigan. Several states have instituted federal background checks for potential nursing home workers.