I couldn't live without ... CareClips TV

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George “Andy” Barker, MHA Edgewood Summit, Charleston, WV
George “Andy” Barker, MHA Edgewood Summit, Charleston, WV

As administrator George “Andy” Barker, MHA, trains new staff at Edgewood Summit in Charleston, WV, he has a secret weapon: CareClips TV.

The website features videos, which are an
underused resource for long-term care professionals, he says.

“It's a general overview for the staff about what they need to know. Most of them are 3½ to 4 minutes long, so it's a quick reference,” he says.

Barker learned about the website through his close relationship with West Virginia Health Care Association CEO Patrick Kelly, who created the site. 

Topics covered in the videos include CASPER and PEPPER measurement reports and common issues, “such as where we are in our industry and the litigation we face,” Barker says.

Families also can be referred, he notes, such as those that need education on the difference between Medicare and Medicaid.

Practical LTC info

CareClips is a free website that presents short videos with practical information for long-term care employees and managers. 

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