Hundreds of healthcare orgs push back against IPAB

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More than 600 healthcare organizations called on Congress this week to repeal the Independent Payment Advisory Board.

Efforts to repeal the board, which was created under the Affordable Care Act to control Medicare costs, moved through the House in 2015 but were ultimately shelved. The White House also issued a statement in 2015 saying if legislation aimed at repealing IPAB reached the President's desk, he would likely veto it.

The organizations, who identified their unified group as “representing Medicare beneficiaries and patients, all sectors of the healthcare industry as well as employers and other purchasers of healthcare,” voiced their concerns about IPAB in a letter sent to Congress on Tuesday. The organizations said that reinvigorating IPAB “not only poses a threat to [healthcare] access,” but may jeopardize provider funding as well.

“The law requires IPAB to achieve scoreable savings within a one-year time period,” the letter reads. “Thus, instead of pursuing long-term reforms that may not achieve immediate savings, IPAB is more likely to consider short-term savings in the form of payment cuts for healthcare providers.”