House votes to repeal Independent Payment Advisory Board

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The House voted 224-154 on Tuesday to repeal the Independent Payment Advisory Board, which was created under the Affordable Care Act.

The IPAB was designed as a 15-member board meant to monitor Medicare spending growth. Since IPAB's inception, Medicare spending has remained under targeted levels, and President Barack Obama hasn't nominated anyone for the board.  

While the lack of board members means IPAB has been dormant, opponents have warned its existence removes power from seniors and Congress while giving it to “unelected bureaucrats.”

Legislation to repeal the IPAB passed in the House in 2012, but didn't advance in the Senate. The White House has said the bill will be vetoed if it reaches the president's desk, since it would “repeal and dismantle the IPAB even before it has a chance to work.”

The vote to remove the board comes just days after the House voted in favor of legislation that would repeal the ACA's medical device tax.