House SCHIP rumors provoke outrage from long-term care providers

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Nursing home providers sounded alarm bells Tuesday about a pending House bill that could potentially cut Medicare reimbursements by $700 million in fiscal year 2008. The statement comes just days after the same advocates lauded a Senate committee for actions on a similar bill.

While lawmakers have not yet unveiled the bill, the Children's Health and Medicare Protection Act of 2007 (CHAMP Act) is expected to propose steep Medicare reductions. The cuts would fund the State Children's Health Insurance Program and cancel a scheduled Medicare cut for physicians. The package, which is expected to include $50 billion in funding for SCHIP over five years, could total $90 billion, according to Susan Feeney, spokeswoman for the American Health Care Association.

By contrast, the Senate Finance Committee this month approved a five-year, $35 billion SCHIP bill. The Senate bill would raise SCHIP funding through a 61-cent increase in the tobacco tax, and exclude Medicare cuts. President Bush has said he would veto the Senate Finance SCHIP bill, which is expected to come to the floor before the August recess.