Hollywood nursing home, set to close, delays evictions

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A LA-based "nursing home for the stars" has said it has no plans to issue eviction notices to its residents, despite recent reports that the facility will be closed by the end of the year.

The Motion Picture & Television Fund first made the announcement that it would shutter its Woodland Hills, CA, facility in mid-January. The fund also said it would begin issuing notices of "intent to relocate" residents within 60 days. Some are viewing the fund's decision to delay issuance of the notices as an attempt to stave off impending lawsuits filed by residents and families at the facility, the LA Times reports.  The fund announced in January that it was suffering annual losses of $10 million and could no longer afford to maintain its long-term care facility. Residents and families accused the fund of going back on its pledge to provide care for life.

Charlie Chaplin, Mary Pickford and other Hollywood luminaries founded the fund in 1921 as a monetary relief pool for actors and crew who had fallen on hard times. Of the facility's roughly 100 residents, 11 have so far been relocated, the Times reports.