Groups give Ebola resources for nurses

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The National League of Nursing has released videos, audio and webinars to address Ebola. The group has recommended nursing schools conduct forums and assessment of nurses' risk. Additionally, “maintaining collaborative relationships with colleagues across healthcare is key to the understanding of Ebola transmission and safety precautions for both the hospital-based team and to the public,” the group said.

In November, the Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology and Johns Hopkins Armstrong Institute for Patient Safety and Quality introduced a free online training program that delves into personal protective equipment use for healthcare personnel caring for Ebola patients.

The University of Nebraska Medical Center and Nebraska Medicine also released an online course in the fall to educate the general public about Ebola. Most of the program is available in English and Spanish. Topics include how Ebola is spread and how to recognize signs and symptoms.

The Ohio Health Care Association posted online guidance for long-term care workers in October, noting that it is “prudent” for all facilities to be on the lookout for Ebola symptoms and know what precautions to take. Providers should be especially aware of high fevers and unexplained hemorrhaging. 

Extended Care Products introduced a two-part DVD on Ebola in late October. 

The APIC and Nebraska courses are available through iTunes. The NLN guides are available online at