GOP chairman offers 'Seniors' Healthcare Bill of Rights'

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Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele on Monday outlined a "Seniors' Healthcare Bill of Rights" in The Washington Post.

In an opinion piece, Steele outlined his party's approach to senior care issues. First, Medicare should not be cut, since doing so could limit seniors' options for care, he wrote. The second tenet is the government should be prohibited from interfering between seniors and doctors, he said. There also should not be healthcare rationing and the government should not play a role in end-of-life care discussions. Finally, the government should protect veterans by preserving Tricare and other benefits programs for military families.

President Obama has criticized opponents of the healthcare reform of perpetuating falsehoods. One misconception is that the House bill would perpetuate "death panels" because of a provision that would allow Medicare to reimburse for end-of-life consultations between doctors and patients. Obama also has emphasized that healthcare for seniors would not be rationed as a result of healthcare reform.