Genesis Healthcare’s accountable care organization, LTC ACO, is adding 200 new, unaffiliated long-term care facilities, the company announced Tuesday. 

The move comes after the company announced plans during a third-quarter earnings call to expand its ACO outside of non-Genesis long-term care providers and boost its membership within the SNF industry in 2020.

“With nearly four years of participation under the [Medicare Shared Savings Program], we are proud to share our valuable experience in driving better outcomes and improved quality, managing episodic and chronic costs while developing in-house capabilities to predict program performance. It is a win-win for all parties and residents,” LTC ACO President Jason Feuerman said in a statement. 

The organization is now in the process of contracting with about 200 physicians who provide services to residents in those facilities. It hopes to add an additional 3,000 members through non-Genesis facilities next year.   

The new facilities will now be able to utilize LTC ACO’s “structure and experience to drive improved patient outcomes and reduce rehospitalizations in their own facilities,” the organization noted. 

“In an environment where all providers are being asked to do more with less, the ACO structure allows these facilities to share financially in the improvements it makes both from a cost and quality perspective,” it stated. “The ACO also allows them to better align the efforts of their physicians, creating a collaborative environment to achieve these goals. This alignment is something that has rarely been accomplished heretofore in the long-term care industry.”