Florida’s new state standards for nurses in assisted living facilities may boost recruiting and allow freedom in performing medical functions for residents.

The new guidelines, signed by Gov. Rick Scott  ( R ), will go into effect July 1 and lifts restrictions on what nurses in assisted living can do. The goal is to encourage nurses to provide medical care that can prevent residents from going to a hospital, including the application and care of routine dressings, and care of casts, braces and splints.

State organizations, including the Florida chapters of the American Assisted Living Nurses Association and the Assisted Living Federation of America, applauded the new nursing standards.

“With Governor Scott’s signature, we are celebrating the final step in meaningful assisted living facility reform legislation becoming law,” said Gail Matillo, president and CEO of Florida AFLA, in a statement. “This has been FL ALFA’s top priority since our inception, and we are elated that this important step has now been taken to better protect Florida’s seniors who reside in assisted living communities.”