Second doses of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine were given to an overwhelming majority of staff and residents at a Washington state skilled nursing facility that was the first site of a coronavirus outbreak on U.S. soil. 

A follow-up vaccine clinic was held at the Life Care Center of Kirkland, in Kirkland, WA, on Monday, about three weeks after the first vaccinations began at the facility, according to local media reports.

Large percentages of both residents (95%) and staff (87%) have opted to take the vaccine and have received at least a first dose, King 5 reported.

“We’re all ready for this to be over and this injection is the avenue for that,” Nancy Butner, Northwest division vice president of Life Care Center, told local media. 

“[Vaccine hesitancy] concerns me, absolutely. I am a firm believer in vaccinations, and I believe everybody should get it. However, people have a right to choose whether to get it or not to get it,” Butner added. 

The vaccination clinics come more than 300 days, or about 10 months, after the first COVID-related death was confirmed in early March. There were 46 total coronavirus deaths associated with the facility, which was initially vilified by officials and others until millions more cases sprang up around the country, revealing how pervasive and often undetectable the virus can be.