Facilities not taking part in NY's plan to cut nursing homes services

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New York's Health Department has extended its deadline for applications that would allow the state's nursing homes to seek certification to convert beds to less costly assisted living care, because to date no facilities have applied.

In January, the state approved new legislation to allow nursing homes to provide assisted-living care, in an effort to reap big savings in Medicaid funding. Recertification of skilled care beds would allow nursing homes in the state to provide 50% less costly levels of care to their residents, according to the health department officials.

Officials said last week, however, that extension is necessary because of the "unprecedented nature of this program and the need to allow potential applicants sufficient time to develop the innovative approaches to rightsizing."

The rightsizing legislation also allows facilities to recertify beds to adult day health care programs and home health care program slots and will permit facilities to apply to temporarily decertify beds that are not being used.

The department has extended the deadline for facilities to apply to Nov. 15.
(Published 11-8-05)