Extended treatment with drug may delay dementia patients' breakdown

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Treating dementia patients over the long term with galantamine may significantly delay the need for nursing home care, according to the results of a new analysis.

The study, which was recently presented during an international congress, retrospectively examined 596 patients from seven countries. The patients, all of whom lived at home, had originally participated in one of the three clinical trials of galantamine.

Three years after entering the original clinical trial, 92.5% of patients who had received continuous galantamine, or Reminyl, treatment were still at home, compared to 65% of patients treated for 24 to 36 months, 48% of patients treated for 12 to 24 months and 54% of patients treated for 12 months or less, according to a report on the study.

The analysis suggests that long-term treatment with galantamine may significantly delay the need for residential or nursing home care, prolonging independence and the time patients can spend at home with their families, according to European researchers.