Dynarex, citing an increased demand from customers, has added new products to its Advanced Wound Care Line, including silver- and honey-based dressings.

“We have had basic wound care items such as gauze and ointments for a while and in our attempt to be a one-stop shop, we had received requests for advanced wound care products,” explained Igal Hodorov, director of new product development

The SiliGentle™ AG Silver Foam Dressings are among the most exciting products, he said. They are indicated for use with exuding wounds where they would be a risk of infection.

“They are unique and provide antibacterial and growth wound and keep wounds moist,” he told McKnight’s. “It helps make the healing faster and better for the customer. The silver product requires FDA approval and so there are not many people who can provide it.”

Dynarex also plans to add an advanced wound care app for 2018 as a way to provide clinical support for customers, said John Burns, vice president of marketing. 

“In terms of positioning, we have built the line quickly based on requests from customers and support from marketing materials,” he said. 

The other products in the line are the DynaRule™ Bullseye Measuring Guide, Retractable Tape Measure and DynaSorb™ Super Absorbent Dressings. The latter have a silicone contact layer and are used for leg and pressure injuries.

With the measuring guide and tape measure, Hodorov stressed the importance of clinical staff tracking wounds. They have to evaluate whether the wound is responding to treatment, he noted.

“You can measure the wound and bring it back to your records, create a diary of how the wound is progressing,” he said. “It’s important to record the progress.”