EPA bites back at bedbugs with treatment information database

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Bedbugs continue to be a nuisance in commercial and private settings across the country. The Environmental Protection Agency has published a new database of information to educate the public on how best to eliminate the insects. 

The EPA on its website has compiled information on roughly 300 registered pesticides that are approved for combating bedbugs. The public can search for an appropriate pesticide based on its name, the company that manufactures it, its EPA-registration number, where the pesticide can be used, and its type. The EPA also provides a list of possible reasons why a budbug treatment may fail, including not following up on treatment in an appropriate timeframe and failing to treat adjacent areas where bedbugs may have migrated.

On a separate website, the EPA provides additional information on bedbugs. This page contains non-chemical treatment methods, identification and prevention tips, and a list of bedbug myths and facts. For more information, visit the EPA's bedbug database and bedbug information page.