Employer groups showed up at National Labor Relations Board hearings on Monday and Tuesday to voice their concern over an NLRB proposal to streamline union elections.

At issue is an NLRB plan to shorten the length of time between a union petitioning for an election and the holding of a secret-ballot vote. The median wait time is 38 days, but the NLRB proposal includes a 10-day period, according to The Washington Post. Healthcare providers are keeping an eye on these hearings, as their employees are increasingly becoming a target for unionization.

Employer representatives testified the proposed changes would be especially detrimental to small businesses, which might be less informed on labor laws. The rules, as proposed, would not give them enough time to consult with lawyers, according to representatives.

Additionally, employer representatives contend that employers often have legitimate reasons to challenge elections in advance. For example, they might need to challenge a union’s list of eligible voters to ensure it doesn’t include ineligible employees such as supervisors, The Wall Street Journal noted.