Editor's desk -- McKnight's named best in nation

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When quality comes first, others recognize it, too. You have to like what you do to be of the best benefit to your employer, clients and, perhaps most of all, yourself.

The more you're interested in an activity, the more likely you'll be personally invested in it. That's good for everyone involved.
That's why taking pride in what you do is so vital. You do a good job, remind yourself you're doing quality work and, hopefully, also receive praise from others about your performance.
Workers in the long-term care field can certainly identify with these concepts. When they arrive, ready to tackle each day's tasks with enthusiasm and resolve, it proves infectious. Good work spawns more good work.
I'm happy to report that's the way it is at McKnight's, too.
Each month we put out a magazine and each day we e-mail a new Daily Update and freshen the daily news at www.mcknightsonline.com. We do it with great pride. Call it our own Quality First campaign.
Reader surveys show that you like and trust what we publish, and we thank you for that. Now once again, we also have an authoritative third party telling us that we're better than ever, too.
McKnight's captured a record five awards in the American Society of Healthcare Publication Editors' 2005 Awards Competition.
At the top of the list is a Gold Award for "Best News Section." It comes after three years of runner-up Silver Awards, typically finishing behind publications with much larger staffs.
"Good, authoritative coverage -- high reader value" and "very comprehensive and well organized" were some of the judges' comments regarding the nation's best news section.
McKnight's Assisted Living, meanwhile, received the other Gold Award, in the "Best New Publication Design" category.
I congratulate and thank all of the editorial and art/production staff members you see listed on page 22. Each had a hand in the honors, which also include:
• Silver Awards for "Best Online News Section" (www.mcknightson
line.com) and "Best Special Supplement."
• A Bronze Award for "Best Single News Article," which covered facilities' responses to the trio of hurricanes that hit parts of Florida last year.
Top healthcare publications submitted a record number of entries this year, contest officials said, making the accomplishments even more impressive.
We're proud enough to point it out: McKnight's clearly stands head and shoulders above others in this field.
We're also proud to confirm something I wrote earlier in this column: Good work does indeed spawn more good work.

James M. Berklan, editor,  McKnight's Long-Term Care News