Cure for Alzheimer's by 2025?

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A newly announced federal initiative calls for effective Alzheimer's treatments by 2025.

The White House said the first National Alzheimer's Plan will address dementia's medical and social challenges. The primary goals are better treatments and day-to-day care. More than 5 million Americans have Alzheimer's or similar dementias. By some estimates, so do more than two-thirds of all nursing home residents.

Some panel members want the target date to be 2020.

“We want to be bold,” said Columbia University Associate Professor of Neuropsychology Jennifer Manly, Ph.D. “We think the difference of five years is incredibly meaningful.”

By 2050, as many as 16 million Americans are expected to have Alzheimer's. The projected annual cost for nursing home and medical care has been put at $1 trillion.