Corridor doors and sprinklers most dangerous physical plant issues

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Problems with appropriate corridor doors were the most prevalant Life Safety Code violation found by U.S. nursing home inspectors in June, according to federal regulatory data. Just over a third of facilities (5,336, or 33.7%) were cited under survey tag K-18.

Key stipulations of the door corridor regulation include that the door be able to resist fire for at least 20 minutes and that it should be built to "resist the passage of smoke."

Many citations also were issued for K-29 (hazardous areas separated by construction) -- 25.7% of facilities nationwide; K-62 (sprinkler system maintenance) -- 22.1%; and K-147 (emergency plan) -- 21.1% of facilities.<.p>

Rounding out the Top 10 of most cited 2000 Life Safety Code deficiencies were K-38 (exit accessible at all times), K-25 (smoke barrier construction), K-56 (sprinkler system installation), K-50 (fire drills), K-144 (generators inspected/tested) and K-67 (ventilation equipment).