CompanyBriefs for February 2015

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» Gentell Inc. announced its Fastcare wound documentation and ordering system now includes Quality Assurance Performance Improvement reporting capabilities. The system helps nursing homes with 24-hour wound care advice. The Fastcare tablet enables teleconferencing with Gentell experts for special situations, officials said.

» Vikus Corporation released a major update to its analytics and reporting tools.The system now allows managers to identify sources for hiring, maintain onboarding compliance, track selectivity of key positions and judge hiring decisions.

» Reliant Renal Care Lapeer Home Choice LLC will be partnering with MediLodge Centers to offer on-site dialysis services. The partnership will allow residents to receive end-stage renal disease treatment in their MediLodge Center rather than go to a local dialysis center. 

» Feridean Commons in Westerville, OH, expanded its use of Status Solutions products for increasing resident safety, the company announced. Feridean Commons implemented the SARA (Situational Awareness and Response Assistant) automated alerting engine in 2010. It recently decided to use pre-programmed mobile dashboards on Apple iPhones to let caregivers respond to resident care situations more quickly.

» MatrixCare launched MatrixCare Gives, its corporate philanthropy and community service program, in January. MatrixCare Gives will formalize and expand giving to long-term care, with the Ageless Aviation Dreams Foundation being named one of the first charities to benefit from the program. The nonprofit organization focuses on seniors and veterans who have a dream of flying.

» RNA Holdings LLC, also known as Mobile MedSoft,  announced in December the successful completion of the PrescribersConnection Long Term Care 10.6P Certification process. This lets RNA Helix Pharmacy System customers connect with leading electronic medical records systems that have completed certification with PrescribersConnection in the NCPDP 10.6 messaging format.