Colorado may have to pay $43 million in Medicaid system mixup

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A computer system error may leave Colorado to foot a $43 million Medicaid bill, according to local reports.

Lawmakers received a memo on Wednesday reporting that the computer system used by the state's Medicaid department had been “erroneously” categorizing certain beneficiaries to receive higher funding than usual as early as July 2015. Officials began working to fix the error this month.

In total, the system error could mean the state owes the federal government between $21.8 and $43.4 million.

“This should have been caught,” state Sen. Kent Lambert (R) told the Denver Post. “The fact is, it wasn't.”

It's unclear how much, if any, of the miscalculated amounts the state will have to repay. Some expect part, if not the entire amount, of the debt to be forgiven since the error was linked to the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. Other lawmakers are reportedly “incredulous at the idea that the Trump administration would require anything less than full repayment,” the Post reported.