CNAs sentenced for 'greasing' residents

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Two nursing assistants were sentenced to 20 days in a county jail and two years of probation for covering elderly residents in slippery ointment at their California facility.

The prank involved coating seven elderly dementia patients head-to-toe with a greasy ointment so they would be “slippery” and difficult to handle for the next shift of caregivers at Valley View Skilled Nursing Home in Ukiah, CA. The incident occurred in 2009.

Six employees who were originally cited were fired immediately and five were charged.

The nursing assistants identified as the prank's “ringleaders” — Monica Rose Smith, 52, and Jennifer Louise Burton, 34 — were found guilty on charges of misdemeanor elder abuse, according to local news reports. Two other defendants, Jennie Bido and Christine Boyd-Guerrero, received two years of probation and 100 hours of community service. They were charged with failure to report elder abuse. Another defendant received two years of probation and 150 hours of community service, according to the Ukiah Daily Journal. All five had their California nursing assistant licenses revoked. No resident was physically injured, according to reports.