A certified nurse’s aide who gave residents her own Klonopin will perform community service and serve probation.

Gloria Welborn, 61, who worked at Golden LivingCenter in Evansville, IN, received an 820-day sentence this week, but it was suspended, according to local reports.

Welborn was arrested in February on allegations of giving her personal medication to residents in 2017. Three residents had behavioral  issues resulting from taking the Klonopin, an anti-anxiety drug that was mixed in their drinks. Blood tests confirmed the drug in the residents’ bodies.

Welborn originally denied giving the medications to residents but said she had been “stressed” due to the residents showing disruptive behaviors, and later admitted giving the medication.

Another nurse also may face charges for knowing about Welborn’s illegal dispensing but failing to report it immediately, the Attorney General’s Office said. The nurse told investigators she had thought Welborn had told her she had given the resident’s medication, but had originally thought Welborn was joking.

Golden LivingCenter-Woodbridge stressed its commitment to resident safety in a statement.

“We have zero tolerance for any deviation from the expectations,” the statement says. “ … We have cooperated to provide information to authorities as requested. Our focus is on our commitment to care for the current residents and provide support to their families as needed. We appreciate the dedication of our local law enforcement team on this matter.”