A large senior living operator will provide fall prediction technology in all of its communities with the aim of reducing fall incidence system-wide.

Man using Zibrio SmartScale and Balance Coach app in gym
Senior living residents can use the Zibrio SmartScale and related app to track progress on improving balance.

Starting in February, residents at all 48 Spectrum Retirement Communities will have access to the Zibrio SmartScale, which measures physical balance and calculates a personalized score that predicts falls risk.

Residents will be able to self-administer a one-minute balance test by standing on the scale, which establishes patterns of stability and instability using artificial intelligence, according to the manufacturer. The user’s score identifies who is at high risk of falling in the next 12 months. A score of one to three indicates increased falls risk, and a seven or above signals good balance. The company’s Balance Coach mobile phone app can be used to track and interpret scores.

Spectrum’s aim is to inspire residents to address balance problems before an adverse event occurs, the company said. Residents who wish to improve their balance — and thereby their scores  — can do so using the services of Spectrum’s in-house therapy provider, Legacy Healthcare Services, or work independently.

“Once a fall occurs, it’s hard to fully recover not just mobility, but the motivation to keep moving,” said Stephanie Haley-Andrews, Spectrum’s senior vice president of resident care. “By using the SmartScales regularly and in conjunction with the therapy services provided through Legacy, we aim to reduce falls by 20% across all our communities.”

Spectrum isn’t the only senior living operator using artificial intelligence to address resident health issues. Bloomfield, NJ-based Juniper Communities has just launched an algorithm-driven COVID-19 smart surveillance testing program for senior living.

The SmartScale was named an Innovation Awards Honoree by the Consumer Technology Association at the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show.