Leigh Ann Barney, president and CEO of Trilogy Health Services

Senior living operator Trilogy Health Services has begun offering its approximately 17,000 employees and their dependents a one-source, full-service discount pharmacy benefit through its proprietary pharmacy, the company announced Monday.

Employees who are enrolled in health insurance provided by Trilogy are eligible for medication delivery, automatic refill services, lower copays, and 24/7 access to a pharmacist. Services will be provided by Synchrony Pharmacy, Trilogy provider PCA Pharmacy’s expansion into employee-centered pharmacy services.

Pandemic conditions have made it harder for Trilogy’s workers to access their medications, Leigh Ann Barney, president and CEO, told McKnight’s. This spurred the operator to fast track an employee pharmacy idea that already was in the works, she said.

“The convenience of mail-order ensures that our employees get what they need, when they need it, at a reduced cost,” Barney said. “Plus, they’re receiving information about wellness benefits that directly apply to them.”

To encourage employees to take an active role in their health, personalized educational information in the form of postcards and other printed materials will be sent along with medications, the company said. If an employee is currently receiving insulin for diabetes, for example, they will also receive educational materials regarding Virta, a program Trilogy offers that’s been proven to reverse type 2 diabetes. 

“By providing our own, in-house pharmacy services to our employees, we can ensure the quality of the products and support we provide,” Barney said. 

Another key benefit of the program for employees is the availability of a single source for accessing maintenance and specialty medications, said Joe Whitt, chief operating officer of PCA Pharmacy, which operates under Synchrony Health Service.

“Long waits at retail pharmacies can become a thing of the past, along with the anxiety that accompanies utilizing multiple sources for your prescriptions,” he said. “We’ve made the process as simple as possible, and we’re offering cost savings, as well.”