Clendenin to retire from NASL

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Peter C. Clendenin, executive vice president of the National Association for the Support of Long Term Care, disclosed on Friday he will retire. A replacement has not yet been named.

“There is a time for everything, and the time has come for me to retire. The work NASL does is very satisfying and I am proud of our accomplishments, but I am ready to move on to the next chapter of my life,” the outgoing Clendenin said in a statement to the members of his organization.

Clendenin joined NASL in 1997 after nearly two decades of work in government and healthcare. That included 13 years as president of the Virginia Health Care Association. During his time at NASL, he has lobbied strenuously to draw attention to ancillary post-acute services and therapies.

"I like the prospect of pointing out to an elected official that things like the Medicare limits on therapy are really compromising a patient's ability to overcome that stroke, hip replacement, or whatever else is limiting their function," Clendenin told McKnight's for a 2006 profile. (McKnight's, July 2006)