Civil charges result from hidden camera findings

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New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer has charged the owner and operator of the Rochester, NY, nursing home with patient neglect after hidden cameras allegedly revealed substandard care.

Anthony Salerno and Healthcare Associates are facing civil charges for the patient neglect at the Jennifer Matthews Nursing Home, according to a news release from Spitzer's office.

Salerno is the owner and operator of that Rochester nursing home, and Healthcare Associates is the consulting firm Salerno owns. Spitzer has asked that Salerno be barred from owning any healthcare facility in the state.

Cameras were placed at Jennifer Matthew Nursing Home in Rochester and the Northwoods Nursing Home in Cortland with consent from residents' relatives, authorities said. They allegedly uncovered employees not repositioning residents with skin breakdowns and allowing others to lie in their own excrement and urine. Nineteen facility employees were arrested in connection with investigations.

"People in the nursing home industry should realize we're going to use this as one of the investigative techniques in our arsenal," Spitzer said.