Charges filed in nursing home slashing incident

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The retirement home employee in Virginia who wounded seven people with a knife Sunday has been charged with two counts of malicious wounding in the knife attack.

Mustafa Mohamed, 30, a housekeeping employee at the 68-bed long-term care wing of Goodwin House Alexandria (VA) retirement home, was said to be mumbling about not being respected and acted incoherent, according to a witness to the attacks.

Police are still investigating what prompted Mohamed, who worked part time at the facility, to take a knife to four residents, an employee and two visitors, but prosecutors said it is possible the attack might have stemmed from a disagreement with a staff member. Officials at the nursing home said that they were unaware of any disputes Mohamed may have had with his supervisor or other employees.

The four residents were female and in their eighties and nineties. One required 200 stitches.
Mohamed had been accused previously of attacking a co-worker at another place of employment in 2003, according to reports citing court records.  Because those charges were subsequently dropped, a background check by Goodwin House did not reveal the accusation before he was hired in 2003.