Long-term care operators should be aware of potential defects affecting certain fire alarms manufactured by Honeywell, the American Health Care Association stated Monday.

The affected BG-10 series pull station alarms were manufactured by Honeywell from 1992 to 2010 and distributed by brands such as Fire-Lite Alarms, Johnson Control Inc. and NOTIFIER. Photographs of the alarms and a complete list of affected products were provided in a recent release from Honeywell.

The company warned that a seal around the alarm may have deteriorated over time. As a result of the seal defect, pulling the switch might not set off the alarm. This could create a life-safety issue for long-term care facilities, AHCA noted.

Honeywell recommends the replacement of all BG-10 alarms. If the alarm is not replaced, it should be inspected and tested according to National Fire Protection Association Standards by a qualified alarm service provider. Defective alarm switch seals can be replaced free of charge.